If you live abroad and you are thinking of moving to Spain, you must keep in mind that there is a special impatriated regime. This type of taxation is very beneficial for those workers who move or re -opt for tax residence in Spain since it allows to exempt certain tax obligations for a period of 4 years. Something very important since this will be directly reflected in the taxpayer’s pocket.

In order to request the foreigner indentation number (NIE) we need a notarial power to manage all procedures related to the representation of the interested party in the application. To request the NIE, the form corresponding to the request for the foreigner identification number together with the original and copy of the interest in force of the interested party is needed. According to the government’s foreign ministry, the deadline to obtain the NIE is two weeks although this period can be extended over time for reasons of force majeure.

The first thing to do, if you do not agree with the measure, a previous claim must be filed before the Mediation and Arbitration Service of your province. If an agreement between employee and employer is not reached, subsequently a lawsuit must be intervened before the Social Court.

We, as experts in labor advice, take care of helping you with the procedures before the Mediation and Arbitration Service (here in Balearicas El Tamib). Our team of labor lawyers can help you draw a strategy to file a lawsuit before the Social Court.

Each worker has a unique file, we must take into account the lack he has committed and see if he is classified with the maximum sanction, which is the dismissal. However, there are figures that are protected as pregnant women, casualties due to illness, among others who will have to be studied individually to know how to proceed.

Our team of labor law experts will know how to advise you in the most correct way to know if you can host yourself to a disciplinary dismissal or a dismissal of economic, technical and organizational causes.

From a legal perspective, it is always acuidable to constitute a limited company (S.L.) since with it the personal assets are protected and the responsibility is limited to € 3000 as indicated by the new regulation of the law creates and believes that it modifies the Law of the Tax on capital companies.

However, from a tax perspective different factors influence, so it is advisable to seek advice from a tax advisor to carry out a detailed study of the specific business situation.

If you have spent the deadline for submitting the income statement (usually until June 30) we recommend that you make a voluntary presentation of the income statement. Unfortunately, presenting the income off -term has an urgent surcharges, but it is a reasonable price to pay taking into account the sanctions that you can receive from the Tax Agency, since it can make your declaration of the trade ex officio and apply the fines or sanctions that he creates, and these can be substantial.
Correct tax planning is the key to paying less taxes. The most important thing is to benefit from all the regulations that exist on the Corporation Tax in order to defer it by way of bonuses. A clear example in this regard is the accelerated amortization for job creation.
But it is not the only deduction that exists, there are also other ways to reduce the payment of taxes, such as the hiring of a worker with disability, which would have a direct effect on the quota.
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